About us

TimePilot Corporation is an authorized iButton developer and sells advanced, inexpensive, secure time and attendance systems and door locks, all of which feature the iButton, on its other web sites, www.TimePilot.com and www.CrossOverLocks.com.

We created this site to share with the public the price breaks we receive as a large-scale buyer of iButtons, keyfobs, probes and other parts. Other sites see iButton sales as profit centers and charge much more per iButton; we see iButton sales as a way to entice our iButton customers to investigate our other products.

TimePilot's iButton in 'basic black'

The iButton® is a 16-millimeter computer chip with its own unique ID number enclosed in a stainless steel container, manufactured by Maxim Integrated, Inc., of San Jose, California. Each chip has its own unique ID number which is unaffected by magnetic fields, metal detectors, water and most common chemicals. The stainless steel container is held in a plastic keyfob, like the one shown at left.

The iButton is rugged enough to withstand harsh outdoor environments and durable enough for a person to carry on their keychain. You can drop it, step on it, scratch it or wear it swimming. The iButton is wear-tested for 10-year durability and can be reassigned quickly and securely.

In TimePilot's timeclock systems, iButtons attached to key-sized plastic fobs are used to identify employees and stop "buddy punching." The systems record payroll data instantaneously, cutting payroll processing time drastically and eliminating math errors, a common cause of employee over- or underpayment. Our lock systems allow employers to give employees limited access to secure areas, track users and quickly re-key locks.

TimePilot Corporation is an independent company formed with the assistance of Spectrum Companies International, Ltd., in 2001. Spectrum, a 30-year-old Batavia, Illinois, company that manufactures a variety of products (including TimePilot's timeclocks) and has a client list that includes Panasonic, McDonald's and Coca-Cola, had manufactured a time and attendance system under the brand InTime name since 1998.

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